More About Victor and Daniela

He's an internationally trained chef with out of the world culinary skills.  She's a total people person

with some serious experience in the hospitality industry both behind the scenes and in front.  They have been together as husband and wife for almost 25 years and working along side each other for almost as many.

Together they make a pretty awesome team!

They had a successful fine dining Italian restaurant in Stratford, Ontario for many years; fondly remembered by many, called Sapori Ristorante, and now have decided to do a more intimate version of their beloved restaurant for those of you who want Victor's Executive Chef's Table Experiences while getting Daniela's Professional Table Service in the comforts of your own home or at a venue of your choosing. 

Your special event is promised to be uniquely Personal and Professional

with a touch of "Sapori" ... "Flavour".


What Some Famous And Not So Famous Guests Shared About Us

"Worth going off the Atkins Diet!"

Bob & Marilyn Ogg

"Thanks for the amazing food!"

Colin Mochrie (This Hour Has 22 Minutes)

"Your food was fabulous, Your hospitality even better -- The Unique Dish was unique!"

Victor Talmadge - "The King -- The King & I"

"Thank you, Grazie! We love your food!"

Cynthia Dale (Actor) & William (Willy) Mansbridge

"Highly Recommended!"

Nancy Pine - CKCO News

"Thank you, again for a memorable feast!"

Barbara Cuirluini (Mother of Stratford's Wonderful Cynthia Dale - Actor)

"Beautiful Atmosphere, Excellent Food, Personable Staff.

Thanks for a Great Meal!"

"Very Good Food! It's nice to have a good Italian restaurant in town!"

Lloyd & Nancy Robertson - CTV Anchor, Toronto, ON

"The Valentines special was excellent!"

Peter & Pemi Allard

"Bonjour! Les Saveurs Du Paradis"

Claire Lise Beauchesue, Toronto, ON

"The Best Italian Food we've ever eaten!"

The Stawass Family, Westland, MI

"Can't come to Stratford without having your wonderful food!"

Rollie & Bill Cross from Crystal Beach, ON

"This was one superb meal, as was the service, BRAVO!

We shall remember and we shall return!"

Lisa Kops Weudel, New Jersey

"We enjoyed ALL our meals! (4 in one week)!"

Pat & Marty Freeman

"Well worth the trip to Stratford!"

Joyce & Jack Hay, Scarborough, ON

"This was one of our most memorable evenings in Stratford: Great food,

good drinks, wonderful friends!!! What more could one want?"

BJ & Charlie Moody

"It has been an incredible dining experience for us tonight. The food was amazing as

well as the ambiance and the service. Thank you!"

Violetta & Sean

"Daniela - You made our dining experience very special.

The food was outstanding and we felt like we were "home" We will return. Thank you!"

Joe & Angela Aiello

"We came, we ate, we enjoyed!"

Paul & Diane Brown, Stratford, ON

"We came, we ate, we were conquered!"

Jack & Geraldine Spence, Fort Frances, Canada

"Delicious food! My Italian mother would be proud!"

Kelly & Jeff Morrison

"Fantastic enjoyment from a simple reservation!"

John & Doreen Walsh, Tottenham, ON

"Cari Daniela & Sergio Siete Molto Bravi! Grazie!"

Tony & Anna Pladino, Woodstock, ON

"World's Best Scallops!"

B. Markowitz, Bradford, Ontario

"Delicious! Glad we strayed from Ontario Street!"

Julie & Michael O'Hagan

"The food here ranks with the Best Italian restaurants; including those in ITALY!"

Vito & Gerry Valella & Rom & Nijole Botyrius, Galesburg & Richland, MI

"Not only is your food great, your warmth perfect, so is your hospitality!"

Peter & Twyle Smith, Toronto, Ontairo

Great Food, Great Time, Great Hostess/Owner!! Thanks

Sarina & Mario

"Best meal we've had in Ontario, Thank you!"

Liz & PJ Duggan, Edmonton, AB

"I am only 19 and I have already had the best meal of my life! Thank you!"


Best Italian Food in Canada! Wonderful Service, Wonderful people!

Linda Struttle & Barbera Fox

"Meal & Service were beyond compare - we will return in the future!"

Paul & Neil, London & Brad & Toni, Windsor

Finally, "REAL" Italian Food! Delicioso!

Connie (Concetta) & James, Toronto, ON

"We loved your restaurant! The lovely decor, the music and most especially the food!!

I recommend the TIRAMISU!

Mariana & Anne Buchanan - Stratford, ON

"Super! I travelled to another place tonight - Great food, great wine,

relaxing coffee. I just floated away!"


This has been a very tough week ... Thank you for the get away!

Delicioso! Eccellente! ... Grazie

Drew & Marcie - Stratford